Measures to Keep You Safe

Spoke Coworking shared office space came about partially out of necessity to fill a need. That primary need is:

Keep Office Workers Safe

In our business, Inphonite, when the landscape of pandemics became real, most of us were already poised to pivot to working at home. Having a hybrid work approach was something that we’ve had since day one. It only became more clear that the need for working remotely was imminent and on some levels mandatory. The reality of working from home day-in and day-out proved that it was not a fit for everyone. We quickly demised our conference lounge to make it a single large office. At the same time, we rearranged our shared office spaces so everyone faced away from each other at a distance of 6 or more feet. It was all very seamless in our business.  

However, we realized from our vendors, partners and customers, that it was not so seamless for them. With a lease ending soon, we hit the ground running in search of commercial office space that would be private and allow our team to continue their hybrid model of working. The perfect fit in a post-covid era was not easily found in Tucson, and certainly not on the eastside where most of our employees reside. With a strong vision of what that perfect office space would look like, including measures to keep our team safe, we were on the hunt for such a spot to fill additional safety needs, including:  

  • Private offices
  • Unique shared office space 
  • Fresh air and an outdoor area 
  • Spacious shared, open areas 
  • Cleaning standards beyond our current building


How did we define which safety measures were needed and how location plays a part?

A private office to us, was a space where a worker could close the door from the world, therefore having less likelihood of particulates in their immediate vicinity and the ability to store or lock their own larger items if they plan on sticking with us for a while. Our health-conscious employees wanted to wear masks in common areas, while also feeling comfortable and safe taking off their masks in private. The same needed to be available and true for our customers and members.  

The need for an outdoor area and fresh air was made poignant when reading multiple scholarly articles outlining the importance and impact of fresh air and sunshine on peoples’ health, including recovery from various illnesses throughout the ages. Having the ability to go out into the sunshine or open the doors for a fresh breeze quickly became the plan for Spoke Coworking Lounge & Suites.   

Coming from having only a very cozy shared conference lounge, the need for some larger areas where people could spread out was definitely important. Having a studio where two people can share a space and still be 6 feet apart, along with large meeting rooms and a lounge with socially distanced seating available, was paramount to building the right co-working space in Tucson. 

A higher cleaning standard than just emptying trashcans and vacuuming when dirt or paper shreddings are seen on the floor was also an obvious necessity. The ownership to ensure that desktops, counters, and more were cleaned with hot water and recommended disinfectants is of great importance to the team at Spoke Coworking Tucson.  

What does a higher cleaning standard look like? 

As a co-working facility, we envision desk turnover similar to restaurant turnover. Each area requires cleaning prior to the next person taking temporary residence.  

For private and shared office spaces and suites that are rented daily, they are wiped down and cleaned thoroughly throughout the day. The steps included are emptying the trash, dusting, vacuuming, and doing a final wipe down of all open surfaces, including any shared keyboards, mice, computers, monitors, printers, etc.  

For private suites, we will work with you to determine your cleaning needs. If that means you want your door locked and no one to enter your space, we will accommodate that. If you want daily cleanings, we can offer that as well.  

Additionally, all shared office space are cleaned throughout the day including regular sanitizing of wipeable surfaces with key touch point areas such as armrests, tabletops, and even magazines, books or games that have been used.  

The kitchen and beverage station is cleaned daily, or more if needed and dishes will be washed as needed. Restrooms are also be cleaned daily, including not just toilet cleaning, but regular cleaning of touchpoints such as walls, doors, locks, faucets, and counters.  

Cleaning products will be available in limited supply to members. Part-time & full-time members will be able to clean their private or shared office space on their own or opt into professional cleaning services.  

What about technology safety in a coworking space?

Beyond thorough cleaning of all surfaces and areas, Spoke Coworking Lounge & Suites is dedicated to providing important technical security measures. With our redundant dual gigabit fiber internet and technical acumen we are versed in all necessary precautions relating to your hardware and software needs. We have a secure network including both hardline and wifi connections to our high speed internet, providing user isolation, and VNet availability at an added cost for companies requiring the ability to communicate or have their devices talk to each other.  

Anyways, now you are familiar with our safety measures put in place. Let us know a little bit about you and how we can make your workday an amazing office experience!  

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