Full-Time Community Manager

Job Category: Manager

Schedule: Full-Time (40 Hours)

Salary: 40k+/yr, DOE


Manager will be in charge of administrative duties and bookkeeping. Manager will assist in the direct growth of the business in the areas of human resources and sales. Manager may also greet and welcome guests, provide tours, tend to questions/complaints, manage billing, booking and appointment schedules, ensure shared areas are professionally maintained, and assist in general reception duties when necessary. 



  • Help define and implement front desk objectives and procedures 
  • Help hire, train, and manage staff including offering scheduling input 
  • Build relationships with neighboring businesses and community
  • Act as an event planner, creating and scheduling events
  • Delegate organization and cleanliness of shared areas 
  • Order or purchase snacks, supplies, and equipment 
  • Handle general bookkeeping (payables & receivables) and running reports 
  • Oversee memberships, appointments, and records 
  • Meet with Owners regularly review all business aspects and offer input for growth 



  • Available and willing to work on-site
  • Outgoing!  
  • High school diploma or GED 
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience as a front desk manager or similar 
  • Quick learner of new software 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills 
  • The ability to provide exceptional customer service 
  • Good leadership and training abilities


Skills and Qualifications:  

  • Verbal Communication Skills – able to listen carefully, ask relevant questions, organize and deliver the right information, speak clearly and confidently using appropriate language. 
  • Written Communication Skills – pay attention to detail in written communication using correct grammar, language, and spelling. 
  • Customer Service Skills – able to develop good customer relations by being aware, listening to, and understanding the customer needs and providing the right options or solutions. 
  • Decision Making Skills – collect the necessary information to make a sound decision based on facts and available resources after considering alternatives. 
  • Adaptability – able to quickly and effectively adjust to changing circumstances and new priorities. Able to successfully interact with diverse individuals. 
  • Professional – know when to be professional vs. playful and where to draw the line in behavior, communication, and appearance. 

The Perks of getting a job with Spoke Coworking 

  • Free Coworking space usage (limited to off hours and when space is not in use) 
  • Have your voice be heard as part of a new and growing business 
  • Unlimited vacation for full-time workers 
  • Paid sick time for all employees 
  • Flexible schedules 
  • Coming soon: Healthcare 

More Details (day-to-day) 

We’re a new business, so we’re going to need help defining this position. We envision the position as one full-time person that works in tandem with the owners and reception team. We need someone that is a go-getter, creative, and willing to adapt as the role changes. This does not mean that we are going to pile on more and more work until you break. We understand the need for a work/life balance and will discuss any duties as they come about.  

This position will include general bookkeeping and administrative tasks along with some event planning and community outreach. Like any new business though, we don’t yet know the full parameters of how that will entirely look or play out day-to-day.  

There will be customer credit/debit card receivables processed that will require daily review and entry as well as payables requiring same. This is all easily done by someone with attention to detail using our coworking and accounting software.  

We would ask this person to do general outreach to other local businesses to build relationships with restaurants, caterers, and more. We also want this person to take point on outlining and scheduling events including meet & greets, open houses, happy hours, etc.  

As we ramp up, and on particularly busy days, or event days, there may be overlap with reception requiring the welcoming of guests, providing tours, answering questions, and outlining pricing with potential members and customers.  

This person will have an office and will also be available to work at the front desk as needed. As mentioned, the person for this role must be highly adaptable and proactive.  

The person could also start out in the receptionist role and work their way up to the Management position. The hours are somewhat flexible between 7AM – 6PM, but we do require this person to be mostly on-site (not remote) currently.  

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