Measures to Keep You Safe

Spoke Coworking is here to keep you safe! Here's how we do it.

Cleaning standards, second to none

We provide the perfect commercial coworking office space offering both private and open spaces on the east side of Tucson. From the get-go we have had a strong vision, including measures to keep the community, our members, and our team safe. To that end, we offer coworking in Tucson that includes:

  • Private offices
  • Unique shared office space
  • Fresh air and an outdoor area
  • Spacious shared, open areas
  • Cleaning standards beyond our current building

How do we define which safety measures are needed?

Blue Skies Clean

A private office to us, was a space where a worker could close the door from the world, therefore having less likelihood of particulates in their immediate vicinity and the ability to store or lock their own larger items if they plan on sticking with us for a while. Our health-conscious employees wanted to wear masks in common areas, while also feeling comfortable and safe taking off their masks in private. The same needed to be available and true for our customers and members.

The need for an outdoor area and fresh air was made poignant when reading multiple scholarly articles outlining the importance and impact of fresh air and sunshine on peoples' health, including recovery from various illnesses throughout the ages. Having the ability to go out into the sunshine or open the doors for a fresh breeze quickly became the plan for Spoke Coworking Lounge & Suites.

Coming from having only a very cozy shared conference lounge, the need for some larger areas where people could spread out was definitely important. Having a studio where two people can share a space and still be 6 feet apart, along with large meeting rooms and a lounge with socially distanced seating available, was paramount to building the right co-working space in Tucson.

A higher cleaning standard than just emptying trashcans and vacuuming when dirt or paper shreddings are seen on the floor was also an obvious necessity. The ownership to ensure that desktops, counters, and more were cleaned with hot water and recommended disinfectants is of great importance to the team at Spoke Coworking Tucson.

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