How We're Different

Imagine offering employees the option of working when, where, and how they want and having more productivity, a better work ethic, and above all, happier employees.

Spoke Coworking Tucson can help you do just that!

Take flex time to the next level, offer true autonomy and use Spoke as a benefit for current and new staff.

The Lounge Area
Premium Suite
The Library Aerial View

A Different Kind of Office

Recognizing that there is no one size fits all, the owners of Spoke Coworking want to make coworking and shared office space a different experience than just coming into the office. Our goal with Spoke Coworking is to allow businesses and employees options with greater flexibility at affordable prices.

How realistic is it for businesses to pay for 5,000 square feet or more when 3,500 (or more) of it is now empty 80% of the time? As business owners we recognize that just doesn't make sense.

If 2020 showed us anything, it's that working remotely is completely acceptable. In fact, it's viable for most anyone with a desk or office job.

Therefore, Spoke Coworking is reimagining officing in Tucson by offering various plans to fit any need. Anything from a traditional leasing of office space offering optional virtual or personal reception services, to various unique drop-in shared offices are available.

It's About the Experience

Everything around us is shifting to become more experiential. From escape rooms to painting your own pottery and more, society is looking for more to do and experience. At Spoke Coworking in Tucson, we embrace that evolution and thinking, which is why we offer a new office experience.

We'll say it again: There is no one size fits all, so we include warm and cool office zones, indoor and outdoor co-working space, large and small suites, as well as open concept co-working and lounging. More than that though, we are bringing in various desks and seating including not only sit/stand desks, but also exercise ball chairs, core strengthening stools, and stationary bikes & treadmill desks. We want working in a shared office space to be exciting experience that is invigorating and meets your needs on all levels. These unique options, therefore, are available to simply try out, use a few days a week, or rent long term.

Spoke Coworking further understands the importance of joy and satisfaction on a day-to-day basis for the wellbeing of all people, so we dedicate ourselves to making our customers and staff happy by finding a work-life balance. Some office workers may want to work 5 days a week, another few 2-3 days a week, and a couple others may only want to come in for meetings, trainings, and events. With our flexible plans and office spaces, we can make this happen!

No Co-working space would be complete without great coffee, that's a given and included, but we also have some simple snacks. There will be fruit and granola bars, as well as small bites from time to time, like smoothies, cucumber sandwiches, waffles, bagels & doughnuts, charcuterie, and more. We've also got some food trucks on speed dial.

The Lounge is a place to meet people, relax and work, while the Flex room is for larger meetings, or those that might be a little louder and more rowdy, needing a breather throughout the day. When it's not booked for trainings or other events, this game room is a place to unwind with some video games, ping-pong, darts, and more.

However you choose to utilize our shared office space, we know you'll have a great experience with us!

The Spoke Cafe
The Patio
Executive Suite

We Have What You Need

You'll feel right at home in your new, beautiful workspace. With rooms designed with your needs in mind, we've got you covered. Your membership includes everything from the beverage station, such as free hot or iced coffee varieties, tea, and sparkling or still water as well as the aforementioned simple snacks and small bites. Discounts are offered to Members on meeting rooms and the recording studio, in case you need to do a webinar, voiceover, podcast or more. As we also grow, we envision being able to offer additional local resources and discounts.

No matter the season, our outdoor spaces will make your day better. Whether it's our patio or large backyard, there is always an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life waiting for you.

We also had to include the latest technological amenities for our customers to stay productive. Coming from a technical background, we offer dual/redundant high speed internet, large monitors, drop in laptop office space, and even "forgot my laptop" PCs. This is how we will endeavor to help our members and their businesses succeed and grow. By including blazing internet, copy, print, scan, and faxing services, along with office security and access control, we want everyone to have all necessary amenities to work.

A place for you.

We are excited to welcome you to the coolest, most unique and flexible co-working space in town!

At Spoke Coworking we're committed to providing a shared office space in Tucson that fits your needs!

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